This has been eye opening for me. For months, I've been contemplating on creating a #text-to-mod genAI software, where you can use an existing game and kind of "speak a mod into existence". It has its challenges as it needs to adhere in style, logic, design to the original game in some cases, but I believe it would open up tons of opportunities for the modding community (my initial deploy idea was for Minecraft or our GTA RP server).

Especially with web3 games, where you could build different games around the same NFTs, keeping their origins but working in an entire different setting. We'll see where that goes and pieces like this really gives me tons to think about, great stuff Jon! 💪🎮🔥

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Love the idea, it fits with some of what I posted in the article on the 5 levels of GenAI for games. I found I had to split it into the different groups of stakeholders (the games themselves, players, studios, mods). Your idea fits the latter! Here's that article - https://metavert.substack.com/p/five-levels-of-generative-ai-for-games-18579ab43da7

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